Protecting You from Home to Business

Some Features & Benefits

Video Verification

Upon receiving an alarm with the associated video clip, our Central Station operators may confirm human caused activation and capture video evidence.

Wireless Signal Transmission

Safer, fewer troubles; operates without phone lines. "Pliers and Fires" can disable phone lines; SKYVIEW eliminates phone line troubles due to equipment failure, wiring faults or human error.

Robust Installation Options

Transmitters may be placed in any location; local power is NOT required. No communications wiring is needed. All detection devices are wireless and battery operated.

Enhanced Video Verification Systems

SKYVIEW systems go beyond traditional "intrusion detection and notification" practices, providing visual confirmation of what caused the alarm.

Hybrid Application

SKYVIEW can be added to existing alarm panels to enhance security protection and peace of mind.

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You can rely on SKYVIEW to further protect your most precious assets... from home to business.

SKYVIEW™ - Video Verification Detection

Integrated Systems would like to introduce you to our SKYVIEW service. SKYVIEW is a video verification detection system that upon receiving an alarm sends an associated video clip to our Central Station. Integrated Systems Central Station operators can then determine what caused the activation (was it a person, animal, environment, etc.?) When a valid human caused activation occurs, the operators will then contact the responsible parties to inform them of the circumstances.

The wireless battery powered SKYVIEW motion viewer (PIR motion sensor with integrated camera and illuminators) can be installed at various locations; that can be picked up and moved around as the situation demands - no trenching, no wires. The integrated PIR motion sensor detects intruders in outdoor and indoor applications.

When an intruder is detected, the integral night vision camera captures a 10-second video of what caused the alarm and transmits the 10 second video clip over the GSM cell network to Integrated Systems central monitoring station. Each system can have up to 24 motion viewers. The entire system will operate up to two years on one set of batteries. SKYVIEW motion viewers, act as "remote sentries" that can be located anywhere, providing instant video alerts of intrusions.

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