Protecting You from Home to Business

Some Facts

Fire Facts

  • Fire doubles in size every 30 seconds.
  • An estimated 20 people die by fire every 24 hours.

Every second counts when disaster strikes.
Telephone lines can take as much as 30 seconds or longer to send your alarm to the monitoring station. With SKYLINK™ your alarm arrives in 2–3 seconds. In the first few seconds of a fire, your telephone line could also be destroyed along with your connection to the monitoring station. Rely on fast, safe and secure SKYLINK™ wireless monitoring to get your alarm out.

Burglary Facts

  • 39% of line cut offenses are at residential locations — 62% of those result in violence.
  • Cutting phone lines is the trademark of the serial burglar.

Without SKYLINK™, criminals can disable your alarm system transmission with a simple pair of pliers. With no lines to cut, SKYLINK™ wireless transmission means you have secure and reliable alarm monitoring. The alarm reaches our U.L. approved monitoring center in a fraction of the time than that of a traditional telephone connection.

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You can rely on SKYLINK™ to protect your most precious assets... from home to business.

SKYLINK™ - Wireless Alarm Communications

Integrated Systems is proud to introduce SKYLINK™ wireless alarm communications, providing the fastest, safest, and most reliable alarm monitoring service available today.

SKYLINK™ is a radio based alarm communicator approved to transmit fire, buglary, panic alarm and other critical signals to our central station within seconds.

SKYLINK™ can be used as a primary or backup means of communication for any fire or burglary alarm system, and in many cases can even save you money by eliminating costly phone lines.

Wireless alarm transmission for fast, safe, and reliable alarm reporting. Don’t trust your home or business to outdated alarm transmission systems that are slow, can fail or be rendered inoperative when they are needed most.

Your alarm system is only as reliable as its ability to transmit alarm signals to the monitoring center. SKYLINK™ is the fastest, most reliable method to transmit alarm signals. It's patented wireless mesh technology insures that your alarm gets transmitted faster and more reliably than traditional alternatives.

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